Identify and assess the type of evidence offered in support of the argument position. This will include identifying premises and conclusions.
October 10, 2021
Review this week’s course materials and learning activities, and reflect on your learning so far this week. Respond to one or more of the following prompts in one to two paragraphs:
October 10, 2021

The Yellow WallPaper – Perkin GilmaandStory Of An Hour -Kate chopinChoose two readings and focus on a singular aspect. Consider using the handout, “Tips for Identifying Themes.”  A sample Compare and Contrast paper is attached.As an example, you might choose to compare:Methods the authors use to communicate a similar experience Narrator’s perspective (1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person) Accounts of a historically based experience (married life, women’s place in society, male roles)Multi-paragraph response should be 300 words minimum, MLA formatted, and uploaded (Word documents and PDFs only).It should be on your own words.
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