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July 11, 2019
method provides the number of years required for a project to repay its initial investment. a. modified internal rate of return b. internal rate of return c. net present value d. payback
July 11, 2019

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I Need to write a Master thesis on enhancing automation methods under the IT Compliance regulations.

Must be 50 pages excluding the list of References and table of contents

It should be related to IT compliance for an organisation what are the new trends in compliance 

what automation can be done with 1-2 examples

what will be the effect on the Internal IT process and how will it affect the external audit of the company

  • ThesisExpectations2018-2019.docx
  • ThesisGettingStarted2018-2019.docx
  • Guidelinesforwritingacademicpapers.docx

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