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January 30, 2019
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January 30, 2019

This assignment is intended to determine the efficiency and
profitability of different organizational arrangements. An organization
could be a small business (a restaurant, a hairdresser, a singer, an
artist, a gift shop, a street vender, etc.), a large private
organization (a manufacturer, a university, a hospital, a charity, a
distributor, a transportation provider, a bank, etc.), or a governmental
agency (a public school, city services, a correction facility, a
tollway, a park district, a postal service, a public transportation,
etc.). You could choose to discuss the market structure in which a
specific organization is operating in, or you could choose to discuss
the advantages, disadvantages, and differences between larger structures
such as private versus public ownership, capitalism versus socialism,
and corporate ownership versus small private ownerships.

To start, select an organization (a private small business, a
corporation, a charity, or a government agency) that you wish to analyze
for this assignment.

Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear
thoughts. It also needs to be supported by facts and data. Your results
need to be based on solid facts. Your conclusion and opinion need to be
thorough and based on your findings and understanding of the
characteristics of different market structures

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