Some figural works created in ancient African cultures such as the Nok and Ancient Ife in Nigeria share similar head-to-body proportions known as “African proportion.” Is this coincidence or the result of one culture influencing another?
December 4, 2017
Describe the process design and application, along with potential processing advantages, limitations and disadvantages of using: (i) chlorination; (ii) UV light; (iii) ozonation, and (iv) crossflow membranes to disinfect potable water from a municipal plant.
December 4, 2017

The subject for this research paper is “MARASMUS”. i want you to discuss about Marasmus: Definition, Causes, Epidemiology, Sign and Symptoms, and Treatment.this research paper has to be presented in a APA format. 8 pages.

1) 2200 double spaced words/8 pages
2) APA Format
3) Writer can use as many scholarly article sources as possible
4) This paper requires an Abstract and a reference page


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