week 6 replies Waterfall Versus Agile business and finance homework help
February 24, 2021
LEGAL 440 Business and Contract Law
February 24, 2021

Gulf Regional Legal Environment of BusinessFebruary 24, 2021

Please help me finish it. No Plagiarize. Thank you very much !
You should help me do 1: project. The case and requirements will be in the file.
2: Presentation. 15 mins +/-2

The presentation will consist of research and text material on the managerial accounting problem and is to be considered an Executive Summary of the Project. Do NOT simply repeat the spreadsheets included in your Project.
You should be well-prepared and use the voice-over feature for PowerPoint slides. Be very sure to embed the sound in the file (Do NOT link to it and do NOT include a separate wav file. Mac files are not acceptable for this project. ).
Video clips are not expected nor required and should comprise no more than 20% of the time allocated for the presentation. To add, and not subtract points, Clips should add value to the overall content.


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