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July 11, 2019
500 words minimum, masters level, apa format, discussion question, REVIEW ATTACHMENT
July 11, 2019

Manager internship 4 page essay

 I need a 1 page essay of what I have learned in my internship:

  1. Weekly Report must consist of one (1) typed page (cover page does not count) in essay format, with one-inch margins, Calibri or Times New Roman size 12 font.
  2. Weekly Report must provide specifics about the tasks you completed per the duties defined within the Internship Agreement.
  3. The report must state what you learned during the week.


week 1- Shadow my peers client calls and give them feedback. after shadowing the calls I would fill out a document on what the employee did correct and what should they improve on.

Week 2 – I did the same as week 1. I also conducted the weekly meetings. Weekly meetings are held on Monday and Fridays. On Mondays we set up our weekly goals.(ex. How many client calls they will have, How many clients they will email, how many clients they will contact overall) On Friday we speak about our goals and how did the employees do during the week

Weekly 3- I also did week 1 and 2 tasks. This time instead of talking on fridays on how employees did during the week we decided to do it on the daily. On the end of every day the employees would let me know how many calls they had and what successes did the employees had that day. I learned that is better to motivate them daily instead of weekly.

Week 4- we did the same as week 1,2, and 3. On thursday of this week the employees had a war room. A war room is a meeting with all the employees where they express the challenges they have. I was able to join this meeting and give advice to employees on what they can do to overcome their challenges.

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