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April 8, 2021
Cholera kills over 100,000 people each year worldwide due to diarrhea. The cholera toxin opens the C… Show more Cholera kills over 100,000 people each year worldwide due to diarrhea. The cholera toxin opens the CFTR chloride channel in the intestines, so that sufferers lose chloride, sodium and massive amounts of water. On the other hand, the same CFTR channel is mutated in cystic fibrosis patients. With activity too LOW, they lack chloride flow and mucus builds up in the lungs. This illustrates the importance of precise control of channel opening, known as ____________regulation. A.gated B.ungated C.passive Estrogen and testosterone are structurally related to cholesterol. Based on what you have learned about cholesterol, predict how these steroid hormones signal to the cell. A.They are phagocytosed, degraded, and then released into the cell. B.They make the membrane so fluid that small pores appear, allowing them to pass through. C.They bind to receptors on the outside of the membrane, which then activate an intracellular signaling cascade. D.They diffuse directly through the plasma membrane and into the cell. Membrane proteins are able to cross because sections are composed of A.polar amino acids B.hydrophilic phosphate regions C.hydrophilic amino acids. D.nonpolar phosphate regions E.hydrophobic amino acids • Show less60
April 8, 2021

management and leadership 16

This Assignment assesses the following Course Outcomes:

●MT340-6: Apply conflict management and leadership principles to issues of professional practice.

●GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

●GEL-4.03: Understand patterns of human behavior based upon real world observation.

Attend an open meeting of a government body such as your local school board or other ongoing group and observe the interactions and style of leadership.

Come up name in town hall and position.

Apply your knowledge from the class and discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of the meeting.

Was the leadership appropriate?

If you were asked to be a consultant to the group, what would your recommendations be?

(Adams & Scott, 2018). Making sure to support your Assignment with a clear point of view and purpose, provide supporting evidence, and elaborate how to address any issues. Provide a conclusion or summary of what the reader should take away from the topic. Write a 2–3-page persuasive essay about what you have observed using Standard English. Assignment is to be in the current APA format and citation style, well organized, logical and unified. Reference Adams, K. L. & Scott, J. (2018). Instructor’smanual to communicating in groups: Applications and skills (10th ed.). [Adaption of Adams, K. L., & Galanes, G. J.] New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.


●Review everything you learned in this course to develop exceptional and complete content.

●Demonstrate comprehension of patterns of human behavior by observing and discussing the interactions of the people present and the effects on the meeting.

â—‹Discuss the style of leadership observed.

â—‹What conflicts were present?

â—‹What recommendations would you make?

●Make sure your persuasive essay expresses a clear purpose and point of view.

â—‹Introduce your topic.

â—‹Respond to the questions in this Assignment providing support or evidence for your point of view or argument you are trying to make.

â—‹Tell your readers what action they should take, or provide a summary of what the reader should take away from reading/learning about the topic.

●Write your paper in a clear and articulate manner using Standard English.

●Ensure it is well-organized, logical, and unified, and that your work is original and insightful.

●Use the current edition of APA formatting and citation style for your paper. ●Respond in a 2–3-page persuasive essay with a separate title and reference page.


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