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June 26, 2020
Apply Backup policies
June 26, 2020

In this situation, I would like to firstly tell my contact at major clearly that, the final action is not completely in my hand, and all I can do is put his case convincingly in front of the decision makers, and do so. If we look beyond personal relations and benefits, losing a business partner of 15 years based on their late payment of 6 months. Also, since the company representative is promising to clear late payment within a month, it won’t be ethically wrong to extend their credit. Not to forget here that if the new projects do turn put as Major Contracting is working towards, it will boost our business also in times of slow economy. Hence, it is a risk that we should take, and extend the time period of payment for Major Contracting, making sure that they are aware of this being the last action towards their support, and the company will resort to its standard measures of they fail to pay their dues yet again.


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