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March 17, 2021
final exam 178
March 17, 2021

Leader And Managing


This paper should describe leadership and manager competencies & styles, describe the difference between each role and the importance of each role

This assignment is designed to have you think like a nurse leader. These paper will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the given topic.

 These essays are to be written in APA style based on APA expectations. Essays must be structurally intact with appropriate grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, spelling, punctuation, and logical, clear essay development (including introduction and conclusion). 

This paper must include a introduction and conclusion. Paper length 1-2 pages, Must not exceed 2 pages!!! , excluding cover and reference page. Must have a minimum of three references and references must be within 5 years.  please make sure I have full access to references

Please Provide a plagiarism report. 

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