stages of life essay and interview
October 9, 2021
Create a 10-15-slide PowerPoint presentation about your selected case study and include the following:
October 9, 2021

Write 1 page essay on the topic TD 1 MGT.employees are made an elemental part in the operations, which is done to cultivate a working environment that promotes productivity, which is the ultimate goal.In comparison to the findings, the elemental role of strategic approach in organizations as per the module is coming up with the most practical designs that help the companies to meet their employees’ needs and at the same time promote the achievement of their business goals. Ideally, most organizations operate by following outlined strategies and to achieve them strategic human resource concepts must be integrated and balanced effectively in order to avoid conflicts and achieve the projected results. In addition, it requires advanced thinking and planning as well as the development of human capital, which is the case in many organizations (Deb, 2006).As a case example, human capital development has been made a key component to employees’ motivation and retention in SpartanNash in Michigan. Apart from being facilitators in human resource functions, the employees are strategic contributors to the company’s great success. This has been achieved by increasing and developing the value of human capital in the employees and preventing downsizing, which in turn has enabled the company to accrue distinct competitive advantages over other companies (Belasco & Horowitz,
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