February 25, 2019
Compensation and Government Regulations
February 25, 2019

500 words. Labor Relations; agency relationships.

In some countries, like France, strikes are common occurrences that may last only a few minutes or an entire scheduled day. In America, strikes can last until demands are met, which can be weeks. As such, the word strike in the employment context has negative connotations.
For discussion this week, please answer the following questions:

  • Why      does the term strike evoke a negative reaction from many people? Is it      really negative or is it a positive reaction to a perceived problem?
  • What      are some reasons for strikes?
  • What      ethical considerations, if any, arise with strikes?

Support your position with outside sources. You must answer all questions for credit. Citing a case example is also recommended but not required.

This is a very appropriate time to discuss unions , the reasons they call for a strike and their impact on the economy and the public in general.

Good points can be made on both sides of this issue. In a lot of areas, strikes are necessary for workers to get a fair deal. 

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