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NR228 Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Guidelines for Discussion on Culture & Nutrition.


In this assignment students will explore the powerful connection and influence of culture on nutrition and health. The purpose is to emphasize that culture influences our values, beliefs and practices related to nutrition. Evidence base research shows that by understanding the nutrition habits specific to a cultural group the nurse can individualize the care of the patients. Which certainly facilitates patient wellbeing and health.

Each group of students will choose a culture and explore concepts such as why it is significant for health professional to understand the importance of culture on nutrition.

The purpose of this project is not to stereotype or make assumptions about a person based on his or her culture. But to enhance cultural awareness and individualize patient care.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

1. CO1. Discuss the cultural implications of food on nutritional status of different ethnic groups. (POs 1, 2, 4, and 6)

2. CO2. Describe the significance of the role of nurse in assessing nutritional status of clients belonging to different culture. (POs 1, 3, 4, 8 and 11)

Due Date

See the Course Calendar for due dates. Students are required to post their discussion on canvas to open a robust discussion on the relationship between culture and nutrition.

Points Possible: 80 points


1. As a group, choose a culture from the list provided. Focus is on researching and understanding the ethnic group or culture and their nutritional practices.

2. If you wish to research a culture which is not on the list kindly review your choice with your instructor to assure the choice is feasible for this assignment.

3. Research the approved culture using books, websites, journal articles, or any other reputable source.

Use at least three (3) reliable sources.

4. As a group, you will share your findings and research and post it on canvas. As with all group projects, each member is expected to participate in the preparation of this discussion.

Each group will discuss at least 5 of the following 13 concepts:

1. Why it is imperative for health professionals to understand cultural diversity?

2. Health beliefs and practices of cultural group (you selected) related to nutrition.

3. Why the nurse should understands the deep connection and influence of culture on an individual’s food intake, attitudes, behaviors and health?

4. How does this specific culture define health?

5. What foods are commonly eaten in this cultural group?

6. When, how, and with whom foods are eaten. (Timing, frequency of meals. Family dinners)

7. Which foods are eaten on holidays, celebrations or special occasions?

8. Are there any restrictions? Is there fasting?

9. Are there common practices to maintain health (Jews do not mix diary with meet, Halal meat for Muslim patients)

10. How do they treat the sick (herbal medications, medicine man, shaman)

11. Consider the nurse’s role in caring for people of this culture

12. Consider what issues the patient or family might encounter in our health system because of their beliefs related to nutrition.

13. How can your health promotion topic best be communicated to this group? (cultural sensitivity).

14. What changes or adaptations might you suggest for this specific culture?

Your group have the opportunity to choose to bring in inexpensive snacks or beverages from this culture. Regular campus guidelines apply: no alcohol or intoxicating substances allowed. This will be a celebration of diversity and culture and since the topic focuses on nutrition, let’s have some food to taste and share.

5. One member of your team will be responsible for posting your team presentation

to the discussion board.

This must be posted by Monday of Week 6 by


Everyone enrolled in the course/class must do the following:

a. Critique a team presentation other than your own, and include what the presentation taught you and what is identified in the nutritional analysis.

b. What changes in the presentation would you recommend? Why?

c. Ask questions! Each team is responsible for responding to questions asked of their presentation.

6. Cultural groups you may choose from:

a. Hinduism

b. Islam

c. Judaism

d. Transgender community

e. Native Americans

f. African American

g. Latin American


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