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October 10, 2021
Identify what type of group you will design by selecting one of the group types listed above. Write a 300-600-word summary of your selected group. Be sure to include the following in your summary:
October 10, 2021

need a paragraph about Greece Crisis background or introduction. A Greek crisis has been continuing since the financial position of the Greek economy became exposed during the GFC. However, support from the European Union and the international community have averted a crisis to date with austerity measures showing that Greece was tackling some of the big issues. In the past few weeks the Greek community have demonstrated on the streets arguing that they do not want to continue with the austerity measures and they have now defaulted on repayments.Discuss the Greek situation by firstly providing background information on the situation.400 words1 Greece Crisis backgroundGreek crisis is a government-debt crisis that began in the year 2008 and it is still ongoingand continuing since the GFC economy crisis. During this period, many changes…
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