when did american factories produce almost 86,000 aircraft?
April 7, 2021
April 7, 2021

Insurance Risk Management

In a 2 page [maximum] single-spaced typed report, using a proper format [i.e., no more than 1″ margins T/B/L/R; a 10- or 12-point writing font (e.g.,Times Roman); full/left justification; no widows/orphans; with correct spelling and grammar], provide a critical analysis of your or your family’s (or, someone else’s) current personal auto-related loss exposures, focusing on the efficacy of your (their) current auto-related coverages in satisfying your (their) current, near-term and long-term financial needs. [* NOTE: Parts 1, 2, and some of Parts 3 and 4 below, are very well suited for presentation in one (1) simple, combined table … and you should NEVER insult user/readers with unnecessary duplication, or by verbally rambling on and on, or repeating in paragraph form data already clearly presented in a good, well-formatted table! *]

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