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December 16, 2017
Literature Review on how childhood maltreatment have effect on children’s moral development, which includes moral reasoning and judgment
December 16, 2017

Individual Assignment: Management Theories & the Workplace

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to increase learners’ comprehension of management roles, viewpoints, and theories.

Resources Required

  • Management: A Practical Introduction: 2
  • Sample management theory table

Task one(1,400 words): Investigate and analyse online feedback about the operation. It is suggested that you find and analyse at least 50 postings.
a)Categorise responses (for example as; service experiences, facilities, maintenance or cleanliness, location) and present them in a table of up to five positive and five negative categories with their posting frequency. Do not include comments about food and beverage that are included in postings. Remember to just categorise them, don?t present them in detail.
b)Briefly comment (up to 400 words) on what you found, for example, whether there was a category that was frequently mentioned. You can include quotes from postings to illustrate the range of comments within a category.
c)Select one negative comment to analyse in greater depth, for example, there may be comments such as, ‘check-in was slow’ or ‘the room wasn’t very clean’. Use theory from recommended operational and service management texts to support an explanation of how the operation could apply theory to resolve the problem. Approximately 1000 words.
Task two (1,400 words): Investigate and analyse the lodging accommodation. Use recommended texts and other reliable sources to support your ideas.
a)Identify and compare the room types in a table, include images of the operation?s bedrooms found online.
b)Use academic texts to support your explanation for why the operation has this range of room types (approximately 200 words).
c)Evaluate the way in which the design of the bedrooms communicates the brand image and market position (approximately 200 words).
d)Use academic texts to support a discussion of principles of room design (layout, furnishings, fittings and equipment) that impact on how long it takes to service a bedroom, you can justify design changes to speed servicing (approximately 1000 words).
Summary (200 words): Summarise your findings
Reference list
Reference form reading list
Barrows, C.W. & Powers, T. (2008) Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 9th edn, Wiley. New York. Chapters 1 & 9 (Available as an e-book via Dawson Books)
Tesone, D (2009) Principles of Management for the Hospitality Industry Taylor Francis. Chapter 1 (Available as an e-book via Dawson Books).
Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons (2011) Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology 7th edn, McGraw Hill
Johnston, R., et al (2012) Service Operations Management, 4th edn, Prentice Hall (2005 edition available as an e-book via Dawson Books)
Slack, N., et al (2010) Operations Management 6th edn, Prentice Hall. (Available as an e-book via Dawson Books)
Hayes, D.K. & Millar, A.A. (2011) Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry John Wiley & Sons, USA. Chapters & 8.
Casado, M.A. (2014) Front Office Management in Hospitality Lodging Operations Chapter & 7.
Woods. R. et al (2014) Professional Front Office Management, Pearson Education. Chapter & 10 (Available as an e-book via Dawson Books).
Jones, T.J.A., (2008) Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations Fourth
Edition. J. Wiley and Sons. USA. Chapters 2, 9, 10 & 11 (Available as an e-book via Dawson Books)
Stipanuk, D.M., (2006) Hospitality Facilities Management and Design 3rd edn. Educational Institute American Hotel and Lodging Association. USA. Chapters & 14

  1. Do Avery Gordon’s theories about what a ghost is sociologically have more in common with the 20th century comic book character Casper The Friendly Ghost or the theories 20th century sociologist C. Wright Mills articulated through his concept of the “sociological imagination.” Be sure to explain and defend your response and show why you chose one option over the other.
  2. Did Maya Lin capture the Vietnam War through her stone monument in the same war that Army Scout John Brasfield captured the Persian Gulf War on audio tape and what does this tell you about Aristotle’s ideas about the five senses? Explain and your response.
  3. Based on what you know about his audio documentary The Solitude Trilogies and even that glimpse you got into one of the parts of The Solitude Trilogies, (I.e., “The Idea of North”), which got turned into a film, which version of the Chance The Bull Story do you think pianist and audio producer/filmmaker Glenn Gould would prefer and why? The purely audio version or the audio and visual version. Explain and defend your response.
  4. Envision one of the three Modern Hoaxes About The Supernatural we studied in this course as a smell-o-vision film. Your choices are War of the World, Picnic At Hanging Rock or The Blair Witch Project and you want to show that you know what a Smell-O-Vision film is.
  5. What story is told via the black and white sequence of scenes in Christopher Nolan’s film Memento (2000)? What story is told via the colour sequence of scenes? At what specific point do the black and white and color scenes intersect? And what does this narrative strategy teach us about both our memories and Polaroid Cameras? Explain and defend your response.
  6. How does Sarah Polley play with the narrative tropes, which are common to most American home movies in her film Stories We Tell (2012) to disrupt the viewer’s sense of truth and fiction? In formulating your response, you must first explain what narrative tropes are most common to American home movies by referring specifically to one of the five acts and/or the prologue in TAL-225, Home Movies (2002) and then explain how Polley uses and transforms such tropes in her documentary by referencing at least one scene.
  7. When people have Lacuna Inc. erase their memories do they also lose any of their five senses or extra sensory perception. Use either the character of Joel or Clementine or both in creating your answer. All of the references in this question come, of course, from Charlie Kaufman’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).
  8. You have watched three films which attempt to explain how our memories work: Memento (2000), Stories We Tell (2012) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). Which one of these explanations is best suited to prove Bonnie Blodgett and T. M. Luhrmann’s suggestion that the physical sensation of smell is the one sense most linked to our memories. Be sure to explain and defend your response. And be careful when you reference Blodgett and Luhrmann. Blodgett writes from the perspective of having lost her sense of smell. Luhrmann is interested in how places and spaces forever effect our knowledge and/or memories of certain smells.
  • For the beam and loading shown, determine an appropriate width of the cross section. The beam is fabricated from a plank with allowable stress values of:

<Ja = 1750 psi
‘t”a = 125 psi
Point ‘B’ rests atop a column fabricated of an 14 x 2.793 aluminum section with a length of ‘L’. The column is designed as a cantilever. Assume the section is fabricated of 6061-0 aluminum alloy.
Show your development of:

  1. The support reactions (ie: your static analysis)
  2. The free body diagram used for your static analysis
  3. The shear force diagram
  4. The moment diagram
  5. The maximum shear stress in the beam
  6. t) Mohr ‘s
  1. Deflection of the beam at point ‘D’. Point ‘D’ is located 69″ to the left of support ‘C’.
  2. The maximum length, ‘L’, of the column section based on a design factor of one and practical values of the end-fixity

867 lb/ft                                                         2600 lb
A                                                                     +       x
:9    c
2 ft                                  4 ft


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