the topic of Consumer Behavior. Requirements: Minimum 300 words per response. Original responses = no copy-paste, changing the words or any other form of plagiarism please, the answers must be authentic. I’ll run it through a checking system. Use real-lif
June 26, 2020
Connectionism And Supported Learning
June 26, 2020

Please review the Discussion Board Participation grading rubric under Course Resources in the Grading Rubrics section.

This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points. Your postings should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the discussion.

Please see the Writing Center located in the student portal for assistance with writing, APA, and online communication.

Topic: Impaired Nurses

Assume that you have knowledge that the nurse working with you on your unit has been illegally using drugs. Discuss your professional obligations and institutional obligations to disclose this. Discuss the referral sources for impaired nurses in your state. Analyze the impact of this issue on your advanced practice role as a practitioner/administrator/educator.

3 references need it


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