Analyze the pros and cons of how at least two globalization strategies might apply to Free Range Foods
October 7, 2018
For this role play assignment select a CEO you wish to role play from the list provided in the forum above. Post your choice as a response to this discussion topic.
October 7, 2018

If you were to compare your firm or organization to its closest competitor what would differentiate it, why, and what changes might be made to achieve an advantage? Focus on ideas related to the acquisition, training, development, and retention of talent.
To qualify as substantive “value-added” a posting must identify, apply, and critically examine an important and relevant idea pertaining to the topic and must effectively support a recommended position derived from this analysis. To qualify as value-added a posting must offer significant insights beyond what others have already written and should demonstrate an understanding of the industry in which your role play firm is operating.

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