Need 4 essays, 750 words each or 3 pages for each essay, only 1 reference cited per essay APA style,
June 26, 2020
June 26, 2020

In this reflection paper, you are to critically engage the topic of the social construction of identity in your life.

Message to the writer (information about myself):Female; 23years old; comes from the south part of China; have been in the US for 8year as an international student, including high school and university. My major is electrical engineering; no religious; heterosexuality.

Writing instruction: How is your perception of your own identity related to or affected by social and cultural structures, ideas or conventions?  Please discuss and provide examples of how at least one of your identities (i.e., religious, gender, ethnic, racial, class, sexual orientation, disability and/or age, among others) is shaped, or has been shaped, by cultural and societal influences within contexts of equality and inequality.  Please integrate course material (concepts, theories, discussions, lectures, readings). Please cite at least one course reading and one appropriate outside source.  (course material is uploaded below.)

Guidelines: Please review the rubrics before you start writing the paper.  Your paper should have a clear structure, including a thesis, body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and focused discussions, and a conclusion.  You can use any major citation format (APA, IEEE, Chicago, MLA); each paper should have in-text citations and a reference list.


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