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July 12, 2019
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July 12, 2019

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Business and leadership project.
Project Title:
An Assessment of Leadership Role in Fostering Organizational Cultural Components for Enhancing Innovation in the Nigerian Public Sector.
Overall Aim:
Evaluating ways leaders and managers use their roles in promoting innovation among employees in the Nigerian Public by managing cultural diversity and the influence this has
on organizational development.
Specific Objectives. (Research objectives tentative hypotheses/research questions.)
Specific Objectives:
1. Use evidence on the role of leaders and managers in enhancing innovation among the employees to identify the influence of innovation in organization development and its
impact as a component of organization culture
2. Establishing any correlation between leadership and management and innovation as a part of organization culture in the Nigerian public sector
3. Identifying any gaps between innovation and leadership.
Project design and methodology.
It will apply quantitative techniques of data analysis used in establishment of substantial basis of discussing desired results. Alternatively information could be obtained
from organization reports in case the leaders are not in a position to offer information.
reading list:
Saunders M. Lewis P. and Thornhill A. (2012) Research Methods for Business Students (6th Edition) FT/Prentice Hall: London.
Donate M.J. and de Pablo J.D.S. 2015. The role of knowledge-oriented leadership in knowledge management practices and innovation: Journal of Business
Research 68(2)
Rossberger R.J. and Krause D.E. 2015. Participative and Team-Oriented Leadership Styles Countries Education Level and National Innovation-The Mediating Role of
Economic Factors and National Cultural Practices. Cross-Cultural Research 49(1) pp.20-56
Simsek Z. Jansen J.J. Minichilli A. and Escriba-Esteve A. 2015. Strategic leadership and leaders in entrepreneurial contexts: A nexus for innovation and impact missed?.
Journal of Management Studies 52(4) pp.463-478
Howard J. Flores A. and Hambleton R. 2015. Evaluation as the co-construction of knowledge: Case studies of place-based leadership and public service
innovation. Case study evaluation: Past present and future challenges Emerald Group Publishing Bingley pp.207-227
Guidance- what should it look like??
The dissertation project should be presented professionally i.e. clearly laid out and formatted to be easy to read. Without being too prescriptive this will involve ensuring reasonable page margins and line spacing and a font size of 11/12 point depending on the font used.
Title Page (stating if the project is confidential)
Executive Summary / Abstract
Contents List
Literature Review
Research Methodology
Conclusion and/or recommendations
Critical evaluation
Self Evaluation/Reflection
The following expands on this suggested structure
One way of presenting your report is set out below:
We suggest the following outline but note that this depends very much on the nature of your dissertation
Abstract This must follow the title page on a single page of typescript (single spacing). This should be a brief summary of the dissertation which clearly indicates (a) its aims (b) methods of research and (c) results of the research.
Introduction Brief description of the research question/topic/focus why? and the method of its investigation (to lead into what follows). A statement of objectives is useful here.
Literature Review A discussion of the literature in terms of similar studies and previous explanations that have been offered. This should not become an end in itself your review should be concerned with putting your own study in the context of other work preferably drawing out aspects which your research was intended to explore further and it is useful to incorporate at the end a section in which you outline how the review has informed the research objectives and/or questions.. Dont forget that you will need to fully reference all works cited (used indirectly referred to and quoted from). Make sure you note all the necessary bibliographic details when you first read the books especially page numbers for direct quotations which should be given in the text (see References below). Its a real nuisance and a waste of valuable writing time to have to hunt for these in the library at a later stage. Also use single rather than double quotation marks for short quotations and indent longer extracts (which may be single-spaced) without quotation marks. This is the point at which you finalise your research questions or objectives.
Methodology and Methods Here you will be expected to locate your study in the context of the literature on research philosophy paradigms of inquiry research strategy and methods. Describe the methods you chose to collect data/explore your topic and explain your choice. It is important that your approach and the methods chosen are appropriate to the research questions or objectives and that you demonstrate awareness of other methods and approaches. Discuss the limitations of the method(s) chosen. NB You may decide to keep your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your own methodology until your Conclusion.
Results / Findings/Data Analysis Description of what you found out an account of the information/data you gathered. By all means make this a narrative (like a story) making use of the interesting bits from your data collection giving more detailed stuff in one or more appendices.
Discussion Putting the findings in the context of previous research and/or theory testing/generating explanations/hypotheses ie. have you confirmed your expectations and those of other researchers in the field or have you found something different/new/contradictory/anomalous? Can you make sense of your findings? Can you offer some sort of explanation however tentative? What are the professional/practical/political implications of your findings?
Conclusion Summarise what you have achieved in terms of the research and its implications. Make sure you address your research questions/objectives and make sure the conclusions emerge from the research.
Critically evaluate your research what are its strengths and what are its weaknesses? What would you do differently? What have you learnt about the topic about doing research and about Education itself?
Self evaluation. The focus of this section should be you reflecting on your own learning. (this section should take the least number of pages)




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