How do the issues: comparative religions, tradition and change, imperialism, nationalism, migrations, gender and society-come together (or apart) in the modern Middle East?
December 6, 2017
What issues shaped the presidential campaign of 1932, and did the candidates' strategies differ? What did Roosevelt's victory signal?
December 6, 2017

When answering each question, post each answer individually to each question and not in form of a term paper or thesis. There is no requirement of how many sources can be used so if you need more sources or less, it’s approved. A minimum of 200 words for each question is needed.
1. Identify and discuss two critical security countermeasures for LAN environments.
2. Identify three key human based threats in LAN environments.
3. Discuss in depth one cybersecurity technology that you have a personal interest in and believe is essential to have in a modern Local Area Network.
4. Conduct some independent research and discuss what is your opinion a security best practice with regard to LANs.


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