The Importance of Theoretical Conceptual Framework in Research
December 29, 2017
Critical Analysis in a Literature Review
December 29, 2017

In today’s diverse society, counselors providing prevention, intervention, or consultation services will gain exposure to a variety of populations. Being aware of the needs of these populations as well as the challenges that may be faced when working with them, is crucial to effective practice. For this Application Assignment, you will analyze the challenges that you might face as a preventionist, interventionist, or consultant working with a specific population. You will also determine how these challenges may be addressed.
Search for an article from a peer-reviewed journal that addresses the practices of prevention, intervention, or consultation with your chosen population, in connection with a specific issue, problem, or concern (Problem/Issue: lack of accessibility for children and adolescents in receiving mental health care) Consider the challenges you might face in the practices of prevention, intervention, or consultation with this population, and how you might address those challenges.
Write a two-page paper where you will address the following:
Identify and briefly describe the population you selected, and the issue, problem, or concern related to this population.
Based on the literature you read, briefly describe two to three challenges that might occur in the practices of prevention, intervention, or consultation as the result of working with your chosen population and the identified issue, problem, or concern.
Explain how you might address these challenges.
Cite all work using scholarly journals etc.


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