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October 6, 2021
Homework Topic 4. BY 10/30
October 6, 2021

I need apowrpoint slides around 6 slides ready ( with references) , and send me the transcript of what I am going to present for five minutes.
We have been working on the theme of Food and Culture. Based on this theme your first oral presentation which is on June will be a topic you choose on that theme.
You can choose what you wish to present. It can be about your own culture and the food or any other culture and its food that has fascinated you.
For example: Tea
Japanese have tea ceremonies and the British also the high tea.
You can present about Japanese tea ceremony. In that case you will have to tell how it is related to the culture of the Japanese people. And what it means to them and how is it done. Finally the reason why you picked that topic.
My choice of topic is Fast food
And anything else you like which I have not listed here. This is just an example, I am not asking you to pick from this list. The topic is your own choice.
This will be a short presentation which will cover maximum 4 minutes per person.
1. You should have slides. Keep the number of slides to the minimum required. Donâ€t add slides just for the sake of it like a decoration. Slides are called your ‘aids†or your support. So the information or the picture or figure on it should be helping or supporting what you are saying by giving your listeners a visual to understand your topic better. You must have as your last slide one with a reference list.
The focus of this presentation is
1. Your ability to choose relevant materials/information to develop the topic
2. Quality of your slides (information written on it, pictures shown and its relevance etc.)
You are allowed to bring notes. But if you read from the notes instead of checking the notes and speaking you will lose grades for it.
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