Vocabulary Strategies: Choose one strategy and explain how you would incorporate academic vocabulary throughout the school day in multiple ways. What resources would you need to best facilitate this strategy?
December 15, 2017
Current Event Assignment: Integration and Synthesis of the disorder with the selected current event
December 15, 2017

HW08: Engineering Careers
This assignment is due at the beginning of next class.

  1. Read the documents posted on Bb Learn:

–    Engineering_Disciplines_Handout

  • Lists useful information about the different disciplines

–    Engineering fields

  • An descriptive overview of engineering disciplines
  • Be sure to review Table 1-1 regarding career paths
  1. Visit the following websites:

–     http://tryengineering.org/explore-engineering/become-engineer

  • Read about your major
  • If currently undecided, read about Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, and/or Mechanical (majors offered at NAU)

–     https://www.bls.gov/ooh/architecture-and-engineering/home.htm

  • Additional information about engineering occupations
  1. Now, log into LOUIE, and read the course descriptions of classes in your major.

–    In LOUIE, select the “Search” tab and then the “browse course catalog” tab
–    Engineering courses are found in these areas:

  • CENE – Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • CM – Construction Management
  • EE – Electrical Engineering
  • EGR – General Engineering
  • ME – Mechanical Engineering

– For more detailed instructions on how to find the course catalog, follow this link:  https://nau.edu/its/learn/coursecatalog/

  1. Find 5 engineering jobs that are interesting to you:

–    http://www .engineerjobs.com/
–     http://engineering.careerbuilder.com/
–     http://www.engineeringjobs.net/

  1. Prepare and submit a table containing the following information for each job:

–    the title of the position,
–    the URL of the website,
–    the description of the position, and
–    required level of education / experience.
Compare and Contrast the required and desirable knowledge and skills listed in the 5 job postings.


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