What force must be applied to a steel bar 1 in. square and 2 ft. long to produce an elongation of 0.016 in? (The modulus of elasticity for steel is 29,000,000 psi)
December 15, 2017
Remote Sensing Analyses
December 15, 2017
  1. Read chapters 1-7 of our textbook (Gilley, Eggland, & Gilley, 2002).

  2. Write a nine page APA-compliant paper on a Word Document from material that you accessed and read from Chapters 1-7 of the textbook (Gilley, Eggland, & Gilley). Address the following criteria:
    a. The APA cover page, an Abstract page, and a Reference page are included in the nine page paper limit. Please do not exceed the nine page limit. Insert page numbers!
    b. The paper should be “double-spaced only.” Attempts to “stretch the paper” by adding spaces before and after headings or paragraphs will result in significant point reductions. Again, “double-space only” throughout the paper. CAUTION: Ensure that your default setting in the WORD document does NOT add space. Visit or call ISU’s writing center if you need assistance with this item.
    c. Title your paper as follows: An Examination of Select Practices in Human Resource Development.
    d. From 6 of the 7 chapters select an HRD practice of your choice and write a single-page summary with 3-4 paragraphs on that specific practice. Place a second-level APA heading at the top left side of your paper for each practice. If you so desire, you may include and compare your work experiences relative to the practice for one paragraph only. I recommend that your work experiences paragraph be placed at the end of “each page” with an appropriate 3rd level heading. Google APA headings or visit the Writing Center for help on the construction of headings.
    e. Using APA 6th edition Writing Style Standards, appropriately cite only one direct quote, not exceeding 40 words, on each of the 6 pages in the main body. For direct quotes, the quoted material should be enclosed with quotation marks. The citation should include the year, the author’s name(s), and the page number.
    f. The remainder of the material that you write should be paraphrased and cited accordingly. In other words, the paraphrased material should be rephrased in your own words. At the end of each paragraph of paraphrased material please cite the textbook authors and the year or cite the secondary source that was cited by the textbook authors. NOTE: Quotation marks and a page number are not required for paraphrased material. Please do not simply reposition words in a sentence in an attempt to paraphrase. Dictionary.com defines paraphrase as follows: “A restatement of speech or writing that retains the basic meaning while changing the words. A paraphrase often clarifies the original statement by putting it into words that are more easily understood.”
    g. Ensure that you include a References page as your last page, page number nine.


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