Prior to beginning work on this be certain to have read all the required resources for this week I have attached them below with all there references as well.The collaborative practice of clinicians a
April 22, 2022
GS104 Grantham Global Warming: Changing Our World Final Project
April 22, 2022

Human Resource case questions

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE – CASE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1.     What are the underlying cultural assumptions for Mr. Bernard and how are these different from the basic assumptions of N’Diaye and Diop?2.     What would you do if you were Bernard’s boss, the managing director?3.     In what ways is a reward system a cultural phenomenon?  How might you design an effective reward system for Senegal?SEE ATTACHMENT FOR THE CASE. Answers need to apply knowledge in Intl HRM, not just answers in general.Due 11AM Sunday Mar 5 (Central time)Single space. APA citation.
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