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September 18, 2019
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September 18, 2019

Human Nutrition Discussion

human nutrition discussion post need in 24 hours

no plagiarism need in essay format. reading from textbook is required to answer discussion.

this is the question

“As the incidence of Obesity and Heart Disease continue to contribute to the top 10 reasons for Deaths in the US today, we have seen a rise in Metabolic Syndrome.

1. INITIAL POST: After reading the textbook Chapter on Lipids , Unit 4 Course Content AND the handout on Metabolic Syndrome, in 500 words (plus or minus 50) share your thoughts and experiences regarding the following points. USE ESSAY format.

How the information I’ve learned assist me in taking care of my own health. (Include details from your readings to support your conclusions)

How I can apply the information I have learned when working with patients in a health care setting. (Include details from your readings to support your conclusions)2.”

link to textbook will be given.


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