Imagine you are the mayor in a small community in a developing country. A company is seeking a contr
June 26, 2020
Discuss a motivation theory you would use from Chapter 10 in Management of Healthcare Organizations
June 26, 2020

Farah runs a hair salon in Dammam( a city in saudi arbia) and employs technicians and cleaners from Kenya and the Phillipines.

Her business is profitable and has grown from 1 salon to 3 salons in the last 2 years. Her employees are paid on seniority and they were loyal to her. She has never trained any of her employees, always asking the senior technicians to teach the new comers.

Recently the following happened:

-Several good technicians quit in Feb and March, to work for the competition
-Two people got injured when they were burnt by hot water and cut by sharp scissors in March
-Some customers are complaining that they were treated with disrespect and not served immediately
-Dammam( its a city in saudi) went into a lock down due to the COVID 19 virus
Farah calls you up, because she knows that you study Introduction HRM. She asks for your advice. What will you tell her?

!!!!!Focus your answer on the last 4 chapters we discussed during this semester which are: 

no plaigirizing as it will be checked online


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