December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

1 Synchronization is a major concern when designing __________communication paths.

2. Research Question: How many STORE instructions are used in the lc3 Instruction set architecture..

3. Superscalar architectures can execute more than ______________ __________ at a time.

4. Encode -17 into an 8 bit 2?s complement binary integer.

5. Encode -17 into an 8 bit signed binary integer.

6. Encode -17 into a 1?s complement binary integer.

7. ______________ is a higher performance I/O scheme than memory mapped I/O

8. 0011 1000 will print what symbol when inserted in the memory mapped I/0 output memory location.

9. What does the binary word is sent to the console to output the symbol /

10. The Internal architecture of the data base is represented by its _____________ structure.

11. Embedded operating systems generally perform _______________function in real time.

12. After system boot what part of an operating system must always be memory resident ___________________

13. Research Question: What is the hex address in lc3 memory of the keyboard input control word.

14. What is the fastest memory in every computer system _________________.

15. GUIs and File management systems are not needed in _____________applications.

16. The data storage furthest from the CPU and which takes the longest time to access is ______________

17. Encode the mixed fraction 2 3/32 as an IEEE floating point binary value.

18. When the CPU; receives an interrupt it polls devices on the basis of ____________________.

19. What technology is used to store large amounts of data very securely for many years _____________

20. What is the base 10 value of the unsigned binary integer 11101110?

21. The ENIAC computer was programmed using jumper wires, by ______________ programmers who were primarily trained as ________________________.

22. The ALU is used to perform ______________ ________________

23. Research Question:The opcodes for a new computer design are specified in the ___________ __________ _____________ (Answer requires 3 words)

24. __________ is the very first part computer?s memory when a computer boots.

25. The control unit is used to determine the _________________of instruction execution.


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