Determine what you believe to be the most influential external environment factor shaping organizational culture for managers and business leaders in the 21st century.
December 14, 2017
When is Preference Okay?
December 14, 2017

Unit IV Research Paper
companies in the Fortune 500 that offer partner benefits.
Compare and contrast the companies as you
answer the following questions:
How do the
requirements for coverage for domestic partners, such as length of the relationship compare with
requirements f
or benefits of married couples?
Do companies usually require a waiting period after dissolution of a marriage (divorce) before a new spouse ca
ecome eligible for benefits?
What factors
, such as legislation,
may influence the inclusion of these stipulations?
Can any of the terms you defined above be applied to either company based on other information you learned
about them? Why, or why not?
the following terms in your discussion and include appropriate
examples for each one:
Glass walls
Sticky floor
Glass escalator
Write a minimum three

page paper using APA formatting, and include in


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