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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Please answer each question individually and I need you to use pronoun as this is not an essay style. This is a question and answers.

Do not u se outsides resources only use the slides. Also Provide slides number in the resourse.

Step 1 Read the following introduction:

Home Depot Inc. misjudged the market in China. The worlds largest home improvement chain entered the market in China in 2006 and decided to leave six years later. It was not able to sell its do-it-yourself brand to the -Chinese. China is a do-it-for-me market, not a do-it-yourself market, so we have to adjust, a Home Depot spokeswoman said.90 Cheap labor in China means many people can hire someone else to do home improvement work for them. Also, apartment-based living in China meant there was not much demand for products such as lumber.

What could Home Depot have done to avoid its mistake?

In what cultures might Home Depot find better success?


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