December 15, 2017
Behavioral Theorists Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner are considered the originators of behaviorism. All contributed to learning theory. All three of the researchers studied the effects of the environment on learning. Select one of the three beha
December 15, 2017

Write a 1050- to 1,400-word paper investigating a historical water contamination event. Examples include but are not limited to:
BP Oil Spill
Japanese Tsunami of 2011
Walkerton, Ontario E. coli contamination
Elk River (West Virginia) contamination, 2014
Camp Lejeune water contamination
Drinking Water Contamination in Flint (Michigan)
Research your chosen historical water contamination event.

Answer the following questions in your paper:
What were the results of the contamination on the water supply? Link the impacts to the key components of the hydrologic cycle.
What were the results of the contamination on the environment?
What treatment processes were used to remove the contamination?
What were the economic impacts of the contamination event?
What lesson about water was learned from your research?
Provide sufficient details, including data, specific location, specific examples, etc. to be more comprehensive and persuasive.

Include a minimum of two references from peer-reviewed sources.

Include an introduction and a conclusion. A good introduction provides an overview of what the paper is about and why the topic was selected. A good conclusion provides a wrap-up of what was discussed and includes key take home message(s).

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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