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Respond to at least two colleagues who identified a different article and provide feedback and/or support.

Colleague 1: Geraldine

A growing problem teens are having to deal with is teen dating violence. The statistics from the CDC are alarming. One statistic that stands out significantly is, “One in 10 high school students has experienced physical violence from a dating partner in the past year” (Carchedi, 2013, para. 1). The Internet-based Internet intervention site by the School Social Work Net on teen dating violence has some good resources for parents, teachers, and social workers. This site has links to evidence based programs that can be used for teaching purposes, as well information to sites like This site is directed specifically for teens experiencing dating violence. When you first enter the site it has a safety alert that tells the user that computer use can be monitored by the offender and provides a phone number and directions to clear the browser history (National Domestic Violence Hotline, 2017). The teen can even do a live chat with an advocate. The advocate will go over safety planning, self-care, and referrals for the area the teen is in (National Domestic Violence Hotline, 2017). The site also provides information for a teen that is seeking help for their friend.

While I was working on base as a Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate I went to the local high schools that have a high population of military dependent students to talk about teen dating violence. I handed out information about sites and literature. I presented my talk to small and large groups. The smaller groups were the ones where I was asked some very concerning questions about issues that are happening here in Anchorage, Alaska schools. I even took one girl to the school social worker and we helped her with her situation. She had visible marks on her arm from a fight she had with her boyfriend that morning. It was an eye- opener.

The strength of loveisrespect. org program is that is provides a situation of privacy for the youth. The online and phone hotline advocacy provides 24/7/365 help, even in Spanish. The weakness is the same as with all hotline help lines. It does not provide face-to-face help for the teen. The advocates can provide all the information to the youth, but there is not a guarantee that the youth will follow through with the advice.


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Colleague 2: Georjetta

Internet-based intervention used with adolescents and locate an article on the use of mentoring or peer support programs for adolescents


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