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July 22, 2021
Advance nursing practice week 4 quiz questions
July 22, 2021

PROVIDE ANSWER UNDER THE QUESTION: apa format and answer the question completely.
Title: Why people do what they do?
O’Hara defines resource diversion: occurs when organizational resources end up being used for other than their intended purposes through illicit schemes or marginally legal manipulations by employee beneficiaries. These manipulations can be described as individual personality traits surrounding self-serving employee behaviors eroding efficiency and equity within an organization. This is an important issue for organizational management and often comes to light due to whistleblower coming forward to release information on wrongdoing. Armed with the information above consider the following questions:

Should there be different standards for executives in public or private organizations when it comes to diverting organizational resources for their personal use?
What is your view point on whistleblower?
Is resource diversion a product of weak organizational controls or do you believe that an employee will find a way if determined?

Title: Diverting Resources.
Ariely stated the reasons “why we think it’s ok to cheat and steal (sometimes)” based on the studies he had conducted. He stated that larger rewards lead to more cheating, and larger punishment leads to less cheating. He gave examples of how people are more likely to cheat when they think that there is no way they would get caught. However, is this always the case?! Are individuals willing to cheat if there is a large reward, but also a large punishment? Will the reward outweigh the punishment, or will it be the opposite? What if the reward is a job promotion and a raise, will that make individuals more likely to cheat?

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