Analysis of Imagery: Evaluating an Artifact
January 17, 2020
criminal justice system
January 17, 2020



Explain the linkage between internal environmental analysis and the value adding service delivery and support strategies. How are the value adding strategies linked with action plans?
How does the marketing of a service differ from the marketing of a physical product (good)?

Professional Development:

Case Study #15: “So, Doctor, can you fix this?” A case involving a medical spa.

Perform an internal analysis of the medical spa to determine key challenges faced by the organization. Based on that information, create a “Strategic Thinking Map” for value-adding support strategies (Exhibit 8-9, p. 336).
Evaluate the effectiveness of service delivery strategies by answering the questions posed in Exhibit 8-10 (p. 338)

please you can google the case study. it is 25 pages. too long to post it here. easy to pull up on google.

please this are two different areas to address.


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