Read, analyze, and critique the code of ethics found in the Reading & Study folder. Then, follow these instructions:Listed below is a situation that may or may not violate codes of ethics when workin
June 1, 2021
Select a stress disorder, anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, or ADHD. Be sure to choose a specific disorder and not a category of disorders.Use the Research Analysis to complete this assignment.Pre
June 1, 2021


Paragraph 1: yes they have been left behind. What are the negative aspects to economic development/ urban expansion? What are the conditions like between urban and rural areas, why are these differences so bad? What are some of the negative consequences to people moving to the cities for work?

Paragraph 2: no they havent been left behind. What are the positives of people moving to the cities for work? What are the positives of economic growth- do any of these out weigh the negatives?

Conclusion: What do you think- dont just repeat your points say which you agree with, pick the most significant factor to support your point. Take a step back and see the bigger picture


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