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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Haier:Taking a Chinese Company Global in 2011

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Haier has been successful both in China and in other countries around the world. What

core/distinctive competences does Haier have that contribute to their success in China

What resources and capabilities are used specifically for these competences

2. What is/are their core competence(s) that enable them to be successful in areas outside of

China What resources and capabilities are used for those competences

3. Which of the four strategies we discussed as responses to varying degrees of cost

pressures and pressures for local responsiveness does Haier follow Give specific

examples of the cost or responsiveness pressures from the material discussed in the case.

(Hint: pointing out evidence of what they do in response to the pressures is not the same

as giving evidence of the pressures.)

4. Don t use material outside of the case or the text and do not simply summarize the case

or recount the history of the company.


The written case analysis should be 4 pages in length with double spaced, 12 point Times New

Roman font, and 1 margins. Your last name and initial, plus the company the case addresses,

should be entered as the header, as shown above. The best papers answer each question and

justify the answer with facts from the case and material from the text. Concise but thorough is

the objective. The analysis will be judged on content, demonstration of analytical skills,

organization, language, and writing style, as indicated on the rubric.

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