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February 17, 2018
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February 24, 2018


Watch the film Invictus (Netflix, 2009). Using class lectures, textbook( Management (13th edition) by Schermerhorn and Bachrach. (2015)
Published by Wiley.) readings and online assignments, apply examples from the film Invictus to the 3 questions presented below:
1.Examine Nelson Mandela?s leadership in relation to the leadership material discussed in the textbook, class lectures and online assignments
2.Compare Nelson Mandela?s approach to change management with one of the change theories discussed in class, the textbook or online assignments
3.Based on Chapters 16 & 18 of the textbook and class lectures, examine how Nelson Mandela achieved results through communicating and motivating others
Your paper should be a maximum of three (3) pages, double-spaced in a Microsoft Word document. The page count suggested is the maximum but answers can be shorter if they are well written, concise and include a depth of content.

This assignment will be graded 70% on your ability to correctly apply the material you learned in the readings, lectures and in class discussions and 30% on grammar, spelling and syntax.
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