December 15, 2017
What force must be applied to a steel bar 1 in. square and 2 ft. long to produce an elongation of 0.016 in? (The modulus of elasticity for steel is 29,000,000 psi)
December 15, 2017

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Critical Thinking & Current Issues
Note: You must refer to the main claims and supporting reasons, (or messages in the case of songs) , in each assigned video and article.

1. Trump & American Plutocracy
What do the following video clips and articles tell you about American plutocracy and what Trump, contrary to his populist pretensions and promises on the campaign trail, is now doing to expand its structure and power? What are your essential questions?

“In these comments I’ll focus primarily on the United States for several reasons: One, it’s the most important country in terms of its power and influence. Second, it’s the most advanced — not in its inherent character, but in the sense that because of its power, other societies tend to move in that direction. The third reason is just that I know it better. But I think what I say generalizes much more widely — at least to my knowledge, obviously there are some variations. So I’ll be concerned then with tendencies in American society and what they portend for the world, given American power…” (Noam Chomsky)

Donald Trump is assembling the richest administration in modern American history
“Trump is putting together what will be the wealthiest administration in modern American history. His announced nominees for top positions include several multimillionaires, an heir to a family mega-fortune and two Forbes-certified billionaires, one of whose family is worth as much as industrial tycoon Andrew Mellon was when he served as treasury secretary nearly a century ago. Rumored candidates for other positions suggest Trump could add more ultra-rich appointees soon.
Many of the Trump appointees were born wealthy, attended elite schools and went on to amass even larger fortunes as adults. As a group, they have much more experience funding political candidates than they do running government agencies.”

Trump?s Wealthy Appointments Contrast With Populist Campaign Tone
President-elect?s choices for four cabinet posts are worth more than $8 billion combined

“On Wednesday, he confirmed that he had tapped Wilbur Ross, the chairman of a private-equity firm, to serve as commerce secretary (Links to an external site.). Mr. Ross has a net worth estimated at about $2.5 billion as of Dec. 1, according to Forbes magazine.
Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs Group (Links to an external site.) Inc. banker whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions, was chosen as Treasury secretary (Links to an external site.), and Betsy DeVos, a Michigan philanthropist whose family has a net worth of about $5.1 billion, was picked to head the Education Department (Links to an external site.).”

Link (Links to an external site.)

Link (Links to an external site.)

Link (Links to an external site.)

“President-elect Donald Trump may be crowing about stopping Carrier from sending jobs overseas, but Chuck Jones ? the president of the United Steelworkers Local 1999 ? isn?t mincing words: Trump ?lied his ass off.?
According to Jones, Trump?s claim that he saved the jobs of ?over 1,100 people? is flatly untrue, based on his interview (Links to an external site.) with The Washington Post on Tuesday. Jones claimed that, despite Trump having announced last week that he had struck a deal with parent company United Technologies to preserve 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis, Carrier informed Jones that only 730 of union production jobs would stay (roughly 800 jobs in total if nonunion positions are included). This means that 550 of his members would still see their positions shipped overseas.
Yet when Trump stood up to discuss this at a Dec. 1 meeting, Jones recalled, ?For whatever reason, he lied his ass off.?
Of course, it isn?t news that Trump?s deal with Carrier has been more bang than buck. As Salon?s own Gary Legum pointed out last week (Links to an external site.), the Trump deal reached with Carrier (for which Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, played an outsize role) included giving the company tax breaks of $700,000 a year and promising an overhaul of the corporate tax code and regulations that could save the company untold millions in the future. In return, Carrier will keep about 800 jobs in Indiana (Links to an external site.)while still moving scores of jobs to Mexico.”

2. Castro, Cuba, and US Policy
What do the following articles and videos teach you about US policy toward Cuba after Fidel Castro’s revolution and what Castro was up against? What are your essential questions?
Link (Links to an external site.)
The U.S.?s Terrorism Double Standard (Links to an external site.)
by Matt Peppe (Links to an external site.)
“Terrorism was the main tactic in the campaign of subversion and interference that started immediately after the success of the revolutionary movement led by Fidel Castro. In March 1960,President Eisenhower green-lighted the first funds (Links to an external site.) for the CIA to overthrow the new government. It is safe to say that Eisenhower did not lose any sleep over the mandate in the U.N. Charter that nations must refrain from the threat or use of force against another sovereign nation. By the time the Bay of Pigs Invasion was carried out, after being approved by new President John F. Kennedy, it was a full-scale ground operation launched in April 1961, consisting of 1,400 paramilitary troops and air support from B-26 bombers. The Cuban Army was quickly able to beat back the invasion, and the terrorist and mercenary forces quickly surrendered.”

3. Global warming and the Environment: Identify two main claims and their supporting reasons in each of the following video clips. What do they teach you about the reality of global warming and what to do about it? What are your essential questions? How do the songs by Harrison and Peruquois contribute to the topic of harmful human impact on the natural world?

4. On War: Watch the clips on Wilfred Owen’s great anti-war poems “Anthem for Doomed Youth” and “Dulce et Decorum Est ” in the module “Critical Thinking and Poetry”. Watch also Howard Zinn’s short talk on “Three Holy Wars” in “War: Propaganda and Reality” in the module on “Critical Thinking and Mass Media Propaganda”.

And then watch the following clips of songs in the module “Critical Thinking and Song”: “Metallica – One”; John McDermott: “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”; UB-40: “Who You Fighting for?”; Phil Ochs: “What are you fighting for?”; Bob Dylan: “Masters of War”; Gil Scott-Heron “Work for Peace”; Tom Paxton: “When Princes Meet” & “Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation”; and Joni Mitchell “The Beat of Black Wings”; ; Edwin Starr “War: What is it good for?”; Bruce Springsteen “War: What is it good for?” & “Born in the USA”; and Barry McGuire “On the Eve of Destruction”.
Identify and clarify the central claims made by Howard Zinn on the nature of war. What are the messages of these anti-war poems and songs on war? How are they related to Zinn’s main claims on war? What are your essential questions?


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