Write Section 1 of the DAA. Provide a context of the journal article. Include a definition of the specified variables and corresponding scales of measurement.
October 6, 2021
Discussion Question
October 6, 2021

To prepare:Review this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on the cases of PTSD on pages 137, 152, 158, and 161. Consider why PTSD is characterized as a stress disorder instead of an adjustment disorder. Choose a case of PTSD from Chapter 5. Consider what you could do to assist the client in reducing or removing the stressors. Put the name of the case you chose in the subject line of your post.With these thoughts in mind:Post by Day 4 your understanding of why PTSD is classified as a Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorder, not an adjustment or anxiety disorder. Briefly describe the factors that contributed to the overall stress in the case you chose, including psychosocial and cultural factors, temperament, etc. Be sure to include your thoughts on how you could assist this client to remove the stressors or cope with them differently.
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