April 25, 2021
April 25, 2021

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I. Real vs. Pseudo Listening 250 words

The textbook describes twelve blocks to active listening: comparing, mind reading, rehearsing, filtering, judging, dreaming, identifying, advising, sparring, being right, derailing, and placating (McKay, Davis & Fanning, 2011).

Using the book, assess your most commonly used listening blocks. In the discussion, share two listening blocks that you use most frequently and with whom you most often use them. Discuss why you think you use them. Share how you work on them to improve your listening effectiveness.

II.Negotiation Strategies 250 words

There are four stages of negotiation. The first stage is preparation when the most satisfactory outcome is established as well as the worst acceptable outcome. The planning strategy and information gathering take place during the preparation stage. The second stage is the discussion when both sides explain their perspective and learn about the opponent’s view. The third stage is the proposal and counterproposal, which may evolve under further discussion. The fourth stage is the agreement or disagreement. Disagreement can start the negotiate over again. The four principles to remember during negotiation are to separate the people from the problem, to understand the opposition’s position, to state the problem based on each party’s interests, and to list the options (McKay, Davis & Fanning, 2011).

share a personal story where you experienced conflict at work, used validation, and negotiated to a compromise. What was the situation? Did you use the stages as described by our textbook? If so, which ones? What was most effective in your negotiation? Least effective? What was the final result?

III. Leveling and Sharpening 250 Words

Denning defines the act of “Leveling and Sharpening” as encapsulating experience into a story, embellishing portions of the story to make the experience more rich, and removing portions of the story to simplify and clarify. Further, he states that we change our story every time we retell it to meet the current context, and also that our memories of the events change as our stories change. In your discussion post, address the following questions:

1 . Is the thought that your memory of an event might change over time as you retell a story over and over consistent with how you have viewed your memory and yourself as a storyteller?

2. Do you sense a freedom to invent new meaning from a situation, even when that meaning might not have been there originally?

IV.Prejudgement 250 Words

People are not able to consciously process the millions of bits of new information about the context, people, and experience that we encounter from moment to moment. As a result, we have developed shortcut mechanisms to help us make sense of situations and, especially, to protect us. One of these mechanisms is the act of prejudgment, which is the process by which you take in and interpret information about other people (McKay, Davis, & Fanning, p. 191).” Prejudgment is an essential process. The problem comes when we make incorrect inferences that result in an inaccurate prejudgment. An inaccurate judgment can often go uncorrected. Your first impression of another individual can remain unchanged even after weeks of interaction, limiting the interaction you may have with that individual(s).

In your discussion post, recall a situation when you prejudged an individual and you were wrong. Share an example when you were prejudged inaccurately? How did both situations impact you?


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