Discuss the pharmacological aspects of Benzodiazepine
August 30, 2018
Describe why EMR technology is critical to the success of the health care facility by discussing one peer-reviewed study that demonstrates the benefit of EMRs. Explain the plan for EMR implementation in your facility
August 30, 2018

Discussion #1: Critique of Evaluation Plans From Multiple Viewpoints
Regardless of the system being evaluated, different stakeholders will want to garner different types of information from an evaluation. For example, an information technology professional may seek information about system errors, a staff manager may want information about time expenditures, and an accountant may want data related to a system’s cost-effectiveness. As the nurse informaticist who is conducting the system evaluations, you must be able to anticipate and cater to the informational demands of stakeholders to help guide the evaluation planning process and produce more meaningful evaluations.
For this Discussion, you assume the perspective of both a funder and a hospital’s chief information officer (CIO) to generate questions on a colleague’s evaluation plan presentation.
To prepare:

  • Review the presentation to which you were assigned. (SEE ATTACHED PDF FILE)
  • Assuming the role of a funder, formulate three questions you would ask to gather more information about this project.
  • Next, assuming the role of the CIO of a hospital, formulate three questions you would ask to gather more information on this project from an administrative viewpoint.
  • Consider any insights you have gained through reviewing your colleague’s evaluation plan.

By Tomorrow 02/07/2017 post a minimum of 1 to 2-page in APA format and at least 2 scholarly references. Include the level one headings as numbered below:
1)      The title of the presentation you reviewed and the three questionsyou formulated in the role of a funder, and explain why you chose those questions.
2)      Next, post the three questionsyou formulated in the role of a hospital CIO, and explain why you chose those questions.
3)      Finally, provide a brief critique of the overall evaluation plan.

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