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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Financial report: BP & Shell

: Argos & John Lewis

: Debenham & BHS

: BT & Vodafone

: Etc

Students may choose any two common size Plc companies that are listed in the London Stock Exchange.

You should obtain the Financial Accounting statements from the companies’ annual report.

Assessment 2 will be an individual analytical report on the performance of an organisation (see above) based on the published financial information, and reading of the financial press. This will be submitted by TBA.

Your report should be about 2000 (+/- 10%) words. Appendices/calculations charts.(not counted)

This should include

1. Introduction
2. Accounting ratios (all five categories) over 2 years (2015 & 2014).
3. Share price observations at monthly intervals over the 24 months of the 2 years.
4. Trend Analysis: Financial Statements ( Statement of Financial Position/Statement of Comprehensive Income/ Cash Flow Statement)
5. Conclusion/Recommendations

Much of this information may be available from the FAME database or from the respective company website or London Stock Exchange

You will be assessed on:

• Understanding of the company financial statements.

• Capability of using financial Ratios/Trend analysis to analyse financial data.

• Capture share prices / share movements over the last year.

• Capability of interpreting financial analysis and providing suggestions/ comments on company performance.

• Logic, clarity and structure of the report presentation.

• Good introduction/conclusion/recommendations


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