Government Controls”
December 14, 2017
How do people communicate? Provide examples of verbal and nonverbal communication. How do you communicate nonverbally?/In what way can knowledge of nonverbal communication help your communication with others?/Analyze your results for the Student Listening Inventory. What do you do well? What can you improve on? What changes can you make in your behavior to become a better listener? What results do you expect to get from this change?
December 14, 2017

Explain why it is important for marketers to understand how customers make purchasing decisions.

Identify the factors that would influence how and why someone would purchase a laptop or a new home? What is the most important factor in your opinion?


“Hindu Way of Life” Please respond to the following:
Explain the key ways in which the teachings of the Vedas influence the daily lives of Hindus.

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Be sure to download the attached World View Chart provided for these assignments.
World View Chart Assignments
Due Weeks 2 through 10 and worth 35 points each week, with a total of 315 points.
A world view is a fundamental or basic orientation of thinking ? like a mindset ? which guides a culture and / or a person?s life. Like a point of view, it can be built of concepts, ideas, values, emotions, and ethics. Weltanschauung is the German word for this idea. Your goal for this course is to understand the world views of these various religions. In order to prepare you for your final assignment, you will outline the world views of various religions in the chart below, adding to it each week.
For this assignment, students will complete the weekly area of the chart, filling in the aspects of each religion as it is presented in the readings and resources. This chart, when complete, will be the starting point for the written assignment, due in Week 10.
For each weekly submission:
Review the weekly lectures and supplemental materials provided, then complete the chart by elaborating on each section related to the weekly content.
Identify key details and examples from the weekly resources to serve as a basis for the content being recorded in your chart.

Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.

Cosmogony – Origin of the Universe
Nature of God
View of Human Nature
View of Good and Evil
View of ?Salvation?
View of After Life
Practices and Rituals
Celebrations and Festivals

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Analyze what is meant by religion.

Analyze the similarities and differences in the primary beliefs held by major religious traditions and the cultures in which these religions evolved.

Describe the varieties of religious experience and practice in a wide range of cultures.

Recognize how daily life within various religions and current affairs are influenced by religion.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in religion.

Write clearly and concisely about world religions using proper writing mechanics.
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