Causes of Crime  based on Psycho biological Theories
December 8, 2017
Discuss how you would distribute limited dollars to address the shortage of staffing to provide basic services in long term care facilities
December 8, 2017

1.your Mini-essay MUST demonstrate very careful reading, consideration, and understanding of the assigned documents. You need to make it very clear that you have read the documents carefully and understood what you’ve read;

  1. your Mini-essay MUST respond very carefully and very fully to my questions/statements (see below);

  2. your Mini-essay MUST support your general statements and opinions with specific examples, details, and information from the assigned documents. Support what you write, please. Please be sure that you include a number of quotations from the assigned documents in your Mini-essay. This is a good way to support your general statements;

  3. your Mini-essay MUST provide regular parenthetical citations of the documents that you use. To do this, simply include, in the text of your Mini-essay, a shortened title of the document AND the page number from which the information you used was taken. Each citation should be enclosed in parentheses.

  4. your Mini-essay MUST also provide parenthetical citations — as explained above — for each quotation that you include;

  5. your Mini-essay should be NO SHORTER than 25 complete sentences in length, but it may certainly be longer than that;

Please write your Mini-essay so that it responds to the following questions/statements based on your reading:

  • (Document 4) What important rights and protections did the 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantee? To whom were these rights and protections guaranteed? What realities in the 1860s do you suppose led to the 14th Amendment?

(Document 6) Explain the U. S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). How did the Court interpret the 14th Amendment in its ruling? What important ideas did the ruling emphasize?

(Document 7) In what particular areas did Justice John Marshall Harlan disagree with the majority of the Court in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson? Why did he fell that the majority ruling in this case was wrong? What harm did he beleive the decision could do?

Was the Supreme Court’s opinion in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson "correct," in your view? Why or why not? Support your thinking with "evidence" from the relevant documents, please.


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