You have been awarded a contract as Consultants to advise on the improvements to patients and visitors to the Royal London Hospital, which has recently been upgraded.
February 25, 2019
Explain the selected theories, and then evaluate GEH s reasoning.
February 25, 2019

Explain Martin Couney’s Incubated Babies of the Coney Island Boardwalk, medical hero
Minimum of 8 sources- 3 need to be books.

, 3’need to be scholarly articles, and 2 primary sourcesFootnotes/Chicago style: need to cite every instance information from sources is used, citations are crucial12-15 pages double spaced, one inch margins, pages need to be numbered in bottom right corner, last page needs to be a works cited page, first page is cover page/- cover page and works cited are not included in number of necessary pagesNeed to have a unique title/- (I can cone up with a title since that’s the left of my worries!!!)Paper is a bibliography of Martin Couney- a notable person from the progressive eraNEED to have 3 guiding questions about Martin Couney– these questions should be explicitly stated as subject headings– they should be questions that will guide paper and should ask about the persons motivstions, goals, personalify, major changes, influential events, and or traits.This biography is not just when the person was born/died and what they did in their life, rather its to inquire some philosophical aspects of their lives.Needs s thesis– here is what I was thinking:

:America at the turn of the century had introduced new mechanical owners and cuting edge technology. Determined to transform medical care in America, Martin Couney designed a neonatal intensive-care incubator facility for severely premature infants at Coney Island which changed the way premature births were dealt with in America.Paper needs to focus on:Martin Couney’s impact on the care of premature infants in America at the turn of the century,From 1903-1943 Couney’s incubator babies were located in Luna park, Coney island, NY.The sideshow attracted every kind of person, saved more than 6,500 premature babies, and the parents of the premature babies never paid a dime, the sideshow charged admission– .25cents per person which funded not only the care for the babies but the hospital staff and doctors that worked at the attraction as well.How Couney did not let people calling the babies freaks or the attraction a freak show bother himHow he advanced medicine not only for premature babies but for America- medically


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