December 16, 2017
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December 16, 2017

Answer Two Questions In Two Pages(Computer Science)

  • Field: Computer Science
Answer these two questions in 2 pages (every question in one page. You have 48 only hours from now.
Question 1:
“Explain IP Address in Detail” Explain IP Addresses (IPv4 & lPv6) in detail. Also, explain in detail the following: IP; TCP; ICMP; UDP; IGMP. Additionally, explain the security aspects of these topics. “
Question 2:
 “Explain What Needs to be Done after Break-ins (Computer Crime)” Explain what needs to be done after computer crime occurs. What are the legal options after a break-in (Local, State, Federal, International)? What is Jurisdiction and how does it pertain to these legal options*: What are the Federal Computer Crime Laws? What are Criminal Hazards? What are Criminal Subject Matters? When is there a responsibility to report crime? 

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