How might we insure that those that don’t attend college also have the opportunity to participate in civic society, thus gaining the opportunity to garner the knowledge and skills now only available to a select few?
December 4, 2017
American Health Essay
December 4, 2017

Informed by your understanding of the readings of this section, please write an essay in which you explain fully, in your own words, the fundamental debate between Turing and Searle over the possibility of machine "thought" or "understanding", and then defend your own view on the issue of machine consciousness. Make sure you clearly explain the argument each philosopher gives in defense of his view before stating your own, and make sure you consider a machine that passes the Turing Test (or explain why no machine could pass the Turing Test).
Your essay should be about 800 words. Use quotes sparingly and do not use outside resources–this is not a research paper.


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