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July 2, 2019
Mind maps are a psychology-proven way to learn information in a school setting
July 2, 2019

I have already performed the experiment and filled in part of the paperwork with photos from my lab experiment. I just need someone to answer the last few questions, as I don’t have the time. I will attach what I’ve already done, just answer the unanswered questions based off of the photos provided, please. 

Experiment 1: Design an Experiment

1) List 10 variables that may affect seed germination (5 points)

TemperatureTowel Size*
Towel Moisture*Outdoor/Indoor
Animal InteractionHuman Error
Sunlight*Laying Down vs Hanging
Type of Towel

2) Which 3 variables did you test? (3 points)

Sunlight, Towel Moisture, Towel Size

3) Write out your hypothesis for each of your 3 variables. (3 points)

4) List your independent and dependent variables as well as your control. (3 points)




5) Insert a picture showing your 3 variables at the end of testing. Your name and date must be handwritten on a piece of paper in the photo. (5 points)


6) Insert a table for your data that includes a title, units and any other useful information. (5 points)

7) Insert an appropriate style of graph that includes a title, units and any other useful information. (5 points)

8) Write a short, concise summary (Conclusion) of what you have learned from you experiment. Did you accept or reject your hypothesis? (5 points)

Lab 2 General Lab Safety

Experiment 1: Neutralization of Acids and Bases

1) Insert a photo of your litmus results. The picture needs to include your name and date handwritten on a piece of paper in the photo. (5 points)

Table 2: Initial Litmus Test Results (5 points)
ContainerChemical ContentsLitmus ResultsAdditional Observations
A5 mL WaterBaseLitmus paper is purple
B.5g Sodium Bicarbonate, 5 mL WaterBaseLitmus paper is blue
C5 mL Acetic AcidAcidLitmus paper is pink
Table 3: Neutralization (6 points)
Amount of AcidLitmus Result
1 mLStill very pink
2 mLSlightly darker pink
3 mLAlmost a reddish color
4 mLPurple
5 mLBlue




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