Course Project Software Evaluation Overview
August 30, 2018
What do you see going on that is a violation of the Hobbes/Locke social contract idea?
August 30, 2018

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Ethical Dimensions of Meaningful Use and Chapter Work Products

Your Lesson 1 Assignment has five parts:

1. Please read the article titled Ethical Dimensions of Meaningful Use Requirements for Electronic Health Records at this link:

Summarize the important points you took away from that article in a well-written narrative (250-300 words) and submit to your instructor for evaluation.

2. Please produce and save the patient logs for the three patients you created in Chapter 3 (see pages 39-41 for detailed instructions).

3. Please produce and save work you created in Chapter 5 (see pages 65-66 for detailed instructions). Make sure you complete the Self-Assessment to make very certain your work is error-free before submitting. Your instructor will also be able to view your work online.

4. Please produce and save all three schedule prints (for your location, for Dr. Stimson, and for Dr. Carver) you created in Chapter 6. See pages 103-106 for detailed instructions.

5. Please produce and save the clinical notes for the two patients you registered in Chapter 7. See page 128 for detailed instructions.

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