The three most important things a company can do to implement and use groupware systems effectively, and why they are necessary
December 6, 2017
How do the issues: comparative religions, tradition and change, imperialism, nationalism, migrations, gender and society-come together (or apart) in the modern Middle East?
December 6, 2017

Application for Master Program:
Describe a situation when you faced an ethical challenge in an academic environment. What was the impact of your decision on you and your classmates?
I have a thought about this essay:
One of my economics course has a Take-home portion exam, which prohibit collaborations and group work, but the exam questions are similar to the problems we did in class, and i have notes for those problem. One of my best friends did not go to class often so he has no notes for these questions, he asked me if i can lend him my notes, just the notes. But if i lend him the notes, if means i told him how to solve the exam problems, is kind of cheat. I am not sure whether i should lend my note to him. Should this be a great example for ethical challenge?


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